Update on Cancer Support community


Local public health officials have indicated that “shelter in place” directives will go into effect tonight. Details are forthcoming but they are likely to require residents to stay inside our homes except for essential needs. Thus, in addition to suspending in-person programs and services for our members, we are closing CSC centers in Walnut Creek and Antioch to all staff and volunteers beginning Tuesday, March 17.

That means that we will not be able to answer the phones here directly. You may still leave voice mail messages at 925.933.0107, and we will return them as soon as we are able. In addition, our staff members will be able to access and respond to their email messages from home.

We still intend to conduct our support groups and individual counseling via videoconference or teleconference. Our therapists will now lead these from home locations and there may be some hiccups as we work out the more complex technology.

Please know also that the CSC national support helpline is available Monday-Friday from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm (PDT) at 888.793.9355.

These are indeed uncertain and troubling times. But we are a community that is deeply aware of crisis and of survivorship. We find resilience, strength and understanding together. Let’s reach out to each other when we can, and hold each other in our hearts at all times.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. Please feel welcome to contact either of us for more information or support.

Jim Bouquin Pic Margaret Stauffer
James Bouquin
Chief Executive Officer
Margaret Stauffer
Chief Mission Officer