Tom, Maya & Simone


My wife Christine was diagnosed with cancer in September of 2012.  She’s not in this alone.  We love her so much, and we’re going to beat this with her.  But we needed help, and we’re so grateful that we found Cancer Support Community.

Christine and I each joined the support groups for survivors and caregivers, and our girls come to the Saturday program for kids.  We’ve also gone to some of the educational programs.  It’s been a rough road, but Christine’s doing well now.  And we’re all learning how to cope together with this crisis in our family.

You know, along with all of the other challenges, cancer has a financial impact for families like ours.  Christine has had to take leave from her work, and there are so many unexpected expenses.  But Cancer Support Community has been amazing.  No fees, no paperwork, no bureaucracy.   Everything is just available for you, and everyone there is so welcoming.


Christine Santos with GirlsMy mom is my hero.  She always takes care of us and I love her.  She has cancer and I worry a lot about her but she is getting better.  I really like going to my group because the counselors help me to understand how I can help my mom and how I can feel better.  My friends at school don’t really understand what it’s like, but I can talk with the other kids at CSC.  I’m really glad to come here and I know that we are going to be okay.