Chandra Collins with ChildrenBREAST CANCER SURVIVOR

When I was diagnosed, I had it all:  great family, good friends, a successful business in Walnut Creek, on the chamber board of directors.  And when I first went into treatment, I thought I could handle it, no problem.  After all, I’m strong, I’ve always been healthy, I’m in a healing profession myself.

But then I got to this place of despair.  I felt overwhelmed, like I was losing control to cancer.  I began to feel like I was a sick person, instead of a healthy person who happened to have this disease that was being treated.  And my wonderful friends and family, they just couldn’t understand.

What a blessing it was for me to find Cancer Support Community.  The women in my support group became my sisters, my other family.  I could share with them the deepest, darkest parts of my cancer experience, and they would understand.  They gave me strength, and love and hope.

And I learned how to take care of myself in new ways.  Better diet, better exercise, better peace of mind.  It’s been several months now since I finished treatment.  Cancer was a nightmare, but in some ways I’ve emerged from it even stronger.  Cancer Support Community opened the doors to make that possible, and I am so very grateful.