Join us for a variety of virtual programs open to the community at-large. A wide-range of topics and hosts will be featured throughout the year. We hope you will take part in these moving, inspirational, and educational programs.


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Past Events

Medicare 101 – video coming soon!

With with Ted Porter, EVP, Specialists in Health. This program will help you better understand the Federal Medicare components that comprise our medical system for those who are retiring or turning age 65. We will review Parts A, B, C, and D RX along with the federal costs associated with Parts B & D and supplement protection. We will also be reviewing the Medicare Advantage options and how they differ from Supplement and original Medicare.   

Ted Porter is an Employer Benefits Specialist and Senior Planning Advisor with Specialists in Health Insurance Services. Since 1992, Ted has been dedicated to helping people achieve cost saving strategies, tax efficiency, and comprehensive financial solutions that are measureable, understandable, and appropriate for your wants, needs, and concerns.

Post Death Administration

A discussion with Attorney Nerisha Soodehul on a broad overview of steps that can be taken now to ensure an easier transition for loved ones. Learn more about Nerisha Soodeehul.

For a recording of this program, please contact Libby Eppinga at

The Elephant in the Room: How Financial Stress Affects Productivity, Relationships, and Health 

In this presentation, Attorney Jen Lee talks about your rights when it comes to medical debts on your credit report and also how to best protect yourself from high dollar medical debts that can cause financial ruin. Learn more about Jen Lee.

Discussion on Elder Law, Medi-Cal Planning, Conservatorships & Special Needs Planning with Attorney Ivette Santaella

Cancer Support Community Legacy Advisory Council Member and Attorney, Ivette Santaella shares her knowledge in specialized topics like elder law, medi-cal, and special planning.

Learn more about Ivette Santaella

What’s on YOUR Mind: An Estate Planning Chat with Nerisha Soodeehul

Attorney Nerisha Soodeehul chats about the basics of estate planning.
Learn more about Nerisha Soodeehul

Three C’s We Can Learn From: Clarity, Confidence & Control with Your Money
Jennifer Jost, Founder, Diamond Life Strategies

Jennifer believes that health is our wealth. Learn what the three C’s are for healthier money management and you! In this workshop Jennifer shared tips on successful money management and finding your own clarity, confidence, and control.

For a free 30-minute consultation with Jennifer, or access to a recording of this presentation, please contact Libby Eppinga, Director of Donor Support, at

Estate Planning Failures: Don’t Let This Happen to You!
Kirsten Howe, Absolute Trust Counsel

In almost every trust administration after a loved one dies, there is at least one failure. Some of these are very common and also very easy to fix. Unfortunately, many of them are much more difficult to fix. And in this context, difficult means expensive.

In this webinar, Absolute Trust Counsel attorney Kirsten Howe discusses some of the most common estate planning failures and how to avoid them.

A Values Based Approach to Estate Planning: Leaving a Legacy

Beth McClelland, MBA, CFP®Lamorinda Financial Planning

Leaving a legacy goes beyond the paperwork of an estate plan. People want to leave a legacy because they want to feel that their life mattered. Gaining clarity on what you want your legacy to be can give your life meaning and purpose. Creating that legacy starts with knowing who you are and what is important to you, then it extends outward with your lasting influences on family, friends, and the community around you. A person never really dies while there are living memories. Living and leaving with intention helps to create those memories.

Welcome to the Cancer Cafe

Watch the play on YouTube   |   Watch the recorded Q & A session

Judith C. Dambowic’s journey from diagnosis through stem cell transplant unfolds in her hilarious and heartbreaking solo show “Welcome To The Cancer Cafe.” Motivated by portrayals of cancer heroes, cancer miracles, and people that “fight” for their lives, Judith was determined to shed light on different responses to cancer than the typical warrior model.

Join us for the show, followed by a warm and lively post show discussion; including a Q&A with Judith and her life partner Rabbi Chaya Gusfield, Spiritual Director and Board Certified Chaplain.

“As a healing provider myself, it was a powerful piece. A reminder of patient perspective that you don’t see too often, really quite surreal.”
– Dr. Michael Green – Hematologist/Oncologist, Kaiser Permanente