CSC Transforms COVID Setback into Gift for Nurses

Cancer Support Community teamed up with Beets Hospitality to honor local oncology nurses.

Disappointed to have to cancel the in-person dinner for our September 18th Film Festival Charity Gala (watch here) due to COVID-19 concerns, we decided that since the honorees wouldn’t be able to come to a fancy dinner, we would bring the dinner to them.

“Our Film Festival Charity Gala was originally designed from the start to be live-streamed and virtual, plus with an in-person dinner as well. As part of the event we planned to honor oncology nurses in person, who do so much for cancer patients and their families,” said CSC CEO Rob Tufel. “Especially during this challenging pandemic.”

As soon as we decided to cancel the in-person dinner, we reached out to Beets Hospitality Group, Catering & Event Management company for the Palm Event Center, where the dinner had been scheduled to take place.

“Instead of simply canceling and dealing with the disappointment,” said Read Phillips, founder of Beets, “Cancer Support Community suggested we work together to bring meals to oncology nurses at local medical facilities. What a great way to make use of the resources we’d already scheduled for their event. We’re so proud to partner with Cancer Support Community in this effort.”

On Friday, September 10th, a week before the virtual Film Festival Charity Gala took place, CSC staff delivered 140 box lunches prepared by Beets, to oncology centers in the East Bay: John Muir Health in Concord, Pleasant Hill, and Vallejo, and three of Epic Care’s oncology centers in Walnut Creek, Pleasant Hill, and Antioch.