Frequently Asked Questions – Reopening

faq imageWe are looking forward to reopening our center when it is safe to do so. Our primary consideration in reopening is ensuring the safety of the people with cancer and their families who participate in CSC programs. The FAQs below will provide more detailed information about our plans and how we intend to make sure members feel comfortable and safe. We will continue to update our policy according to the CDC and the local Department of Health requirements for those who have underlying medical conditions.

Updated August 4, 2021.

When will CSC SF reopen the center for in-person activities? 

As the COVID-19 guidelines continue to evolve, we have made the decision to delay the reopening of our center (originally scheduled for September). The safety of our members, volunteers, and staff is our biggest priority and we look forward to opening our doors again when it is safe to do so. We will continue to offer all of our programs virtually so you can stay connected and receive the support you need. Stay tuned for updates and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Will I need to be vaccinated to participate in programs at the Center? 

Yes, all members participating in person will need to be vaccinated. We recently surveyed our members and 95% stated that they would feel more comfortable returning if everyone was vaccinated.

Will kids and teens be allowed to participate in-person? 

Fully vaccinated kids and teens are welcome to participate in person.

How will you ensure that everyone who participates is vaccinated? 

Once you come to our center you will be asked to show proof of vaccination (your card or a copy) or you can email it to CSC in advance to Manuel at We will record it in your record so you won’t need to show it again.

Are staff, instructors, and volunteers vaccinated? 

Yes, all staff, instructors and volunteers will have been fully vaccinated by the time we open for in person programs.

How can I participate if I can’t get vaccinated because I am immunocompromised? 

Members who are unable to get vaccinated will still be able to participate in our virtual programs which will continue along with our in-person programs. We plan to have all of our programs available via zoom for those who have difficulty attending in person or who are not able to be vaccinated.

Will you continue to offer virtual programs? 

Programs will continue to be offered via zoom and are open to all members. We are also looking at ways to enhance member experience by upgrading our virtual technology.

Are virtual programs only for members who can’t get vaccinated? 

Our virtual programs are open to all members and will continue along with the in-person programs.

What measures will be in place at the center to protect members? 

We have air purifiers in all rooms, windows open for cross-ventilation where possible and hand sanitizers and sanitizing wipes in both our Walnut Creek and Antioch locations. In addition, we will not use props for the movement classes so we can avoid having numerous members share objects.  We ask that people be mindful of not overcrowding in common areas and refrain from sharing food.

Will I be required to wear a mask? 

Since all members, staff, volunteers and instructors are vaccinated you will not need to wear a mask (but you are welcome to bring one).

Will programs be held outdoors? 

Unfortunately, due to parking limitations and lack of protection from heat, is it difficult for us to hold programs outside at either of our centers.

If the CDC says fully vaccinated people can gather, why can’t we meet in-person earlier?

Because of the uncertainty of how fully reopening will affect our region, we want to be certain that cases are continuing to trend down and that we have enough time to create a safe environment for members.  In addition, we plan our calendar 2 months in advance and this impacts how quickly we can shift to in person programs.  We want to be especially careful, in particular because some of our rooms are small and cannot accommodate social distancing if it is still recommended.

How can I stay updated on CSC plans for reopening and any changes? 

We will be posting regular updates on our website and social media and you can also sign up for our e-newsletter by sending your email first name, last name, and email address to