Benefactor Society

Cancer Support Community couldn’t serve over 2,200 people a year without the generous donations from thousands of individuals. Every single dollar helps us serve more people with the life-affirming care, education, and programs that help achieve the best possible medical outcomes and the best possible quality of life for people facing cancer. Although we value every dollar donated, in 2019 we began recognizing annual donors who make the largest impact, by including them in our Benefactor Society. The Society recognizes donors at the giving levels outlined below. Please consider joining the hundreds of donors who give at these levels each year.

To qualify for a specific level, an individual must donate at least that dollar amount in cash or in-kind gifts in the previous calendar year, non-anonymously. Thus, someone in the Bronze level in 2021 donated between $500 and $999 in all of 2020.

Giving Tiers 12.14.18

For more information, please contact:
Rob Tufel, MSW, MPH, Chief Executive Officer
Libby Eppinga, Director of Donor Support

Titanium Donors

Sharon Beswick-Pappas
Patrick and Molly Devinger
Steve and Jan Galletly
Tineke Jacobsen
Timothy and Teresa Leach
Michael and Meghan Morrissey
Sherry Pender-Auker
Darrell Sabin
Michael and Ellin Simmons
John and Kristina Thuma
James Bouquin and Yvonne Veronin

Platinum Donors

Joanne Aldrich
Donald Duggan
Winifred Fong
Patricia Frame and Gary Pollock
Christopher George
Janet and James Grinstead
Robert Ingersoll
Linda Guzzi and Mike Rice
Eric Rudney
Bob Schwab
Ron and Cheryl Schwab
Cathy Spiegel
Steve and Zoe Tucker

Gold Donors

Jeff and Cathy Armstrong
Vickie Barclay
Barbara Barnacal
Craig Frost
Charla Gabert
Dimitry and Jenna Lerner
Barry and Kristin Mendelson
Christine Noble
Kim Overaa
Charlie Rogers
Ned Ryder
Angela Shakespeare
Todd and Alison Skrinar
Elaine and John Spiecker
Dini Tseung
Rob Tufel
John and Josephine Villalpando
Susan Anne Walker
Jerald Weintraub

Silver Donors

Deborah Arcangelo
Louis Arcangelo
Kathy Barrere
Laurie Beauchemin
Marsha Berkowitz
Dennis Winslow and Bonnie Waters
Debra Boyce
Laura Brown
Gordon and Karolyn Burkhart-Schultz
Kim Burris
Brenda Carlson
John Cary
Forrest and Sandi Cioppa
Katherine Clyman
Judith Crouch
Marcia and Jerry David
Kathleen Dennehy
Anne Dondero
Amy Alanes and Donny Bryant
Mark Dudley
Peter Dudley
Stephen and Nancy Dunn
Will Fiske
James and Janet Foster
AJ George
Lamont Gilbert
Amy and Ross Goodheart
Dan and Kimberly Grover
Ronald Harrison
Hugh and Rosita Harvey
Robert and Teresita Helling
Thomas Howard
Eileen Ingenthron
Darlene Jackson
Don and Becky Jenkins
Eric Eisenberg and Karen Large
Jack Brown and Katherine Normant
Joy Keehn
John Kelly
Margaret King
Carl Larson
Sean and Molly Maduck
Shelly Maramonte
Richard Molling and Marsha Weintraub
Shirley Martin
Sheila and David Matz
Robert McCoy
Russel and Sandy Mowrer
Jan Hufnagl and Nancy Garetson
Gail and Gordon Nathan
Rosanne Nocerino
John O’Melia
Eugene Onopko
Michelle Parella
Dianne and John Pereira
Richard Perry
Kristin and David Ritterbush
Maxine Rottenberg
Paul Sallaberry
Anjali and Carter Sibley
Matthew and Arlene Sirott
Cherida Smith
Craig Songster
Thomas St. Dennis
Margaret Stauffer
Steven Swanson
Ruth Sweet
Nadezhda Tarasova
Cliff and Emilia Threlkeld
Martin Tolento
Karen Jane Vesely
Brice Waterman
Douglas Wertheimer
Erin Wilson
Lynn Worthington
Rae and Lin Yates

Bronze Donors

Michael Allard
Gene and Peggy Anderson
Daniel Auker
Diane Barbera-Delany
Bill Berkowitz
Kyle Bernhard
Kimberly Blair
Cornelius Brennan
Peggy Cabaniss
Joe Cabrall
Robert and Kim Carroll
Margaret Carter
Ann Chalem
Ryan Kosakura and Cheryl Nobusada
Donald Clements
Connie and David Costa
Gloria Crabbe
Kevin Crandell
Dale Curran
Marva De Loach
John Deeming
Sarah Flanagan
Teresa Fong
Carol Somerton and Frank Scudero
Diane and Preston Freeman
Gwen Gallagher
Yvonne Garcia
Danielle Ginestro
Tristan Godt
Matthew Green
Ramiro Guzman
Jeff Haag
Janet and Steven Hansen
Peter and Margo Hass
Peggy Hawkins
Charles Hernandez
Ronald Hershman
Deborah Donovan and Howard Weisman
Jim Howe
Sheri Kauffman
Kory Kavanewsky
Anna and Steve Kennedy
Pat and Steve Kiesle
Craig Kirkpatrick
Bob Kluber
John Kryzanowski
Wai-Ping Lee
Andy and Dorothy Leven
Patrick Lickiss
Nikolaos Liveris
David Lucas
Jason and Emma MacStay
Nancy Marshall
David Matson
Joyce McCulloch
Floyd Michaelson
Bob and Cathe Michalosky
Julie and Bob Miller
Steve & Lesley Mitchell
Teresa Muniz
Laura Murphy
Linda Murphy
Ginny Nichols
Art & Lee Oller
Jackie Osborne
Charles Pappis
G. Scott Phillips
Frank Puccio
Craig Ragg
Toffee Real
Sherri Richards
Nikole Richardson
Jane Rutledge
Albert Scavino
Nancy Scott
Stuart Sweetser and Scott Carroll
Mark Shone
Ivor & Beryl Silver
Eric Stewart
Riza and Jeffrey Stillwell
Rogie Strong
Gene Sullivan
George Laplante and Sydnie Kohara
Linda Takei
Anne Marie Taylor
Ian Thomas
Jason Toppazzini
Bridget Waller
Charna & Jim Walnum
Carol Walsh
Dennis Weikel
Stephen and Margaret Wilcox
Sanford and Martha Wishnev
Lynn Wollenweber
Carla Wright
Kelly and Eric Wright

For more information

If you have questions, wish to be removed from this page, or want to be recognized in a different way, please contact Peter Dudley at