$70,000 Matching Gift Announced!

As 2017 comes to an end, I would like to express to you how grateful we are for your giving to CSC — and also to share some exciting news.

During the past two years, Chris George, CMG Financial and the CMG Foundation began our year-end campaign with a generous $50,000 matching gift. The response was awesome.

In light of the continually growing need for our services, we asked Chris to consider increasing his donation this year. I am so delighted and grateful to tell you that he has just pledged a $70,000 matching gift to CSC!

CMG Financial Christopher George CMG Foundation

All of your gifts make a real difference. You can go to our website and see my talk about the research demonstrating that our care helps people with cancer to become healthier and to live longer. Most importantly, most of our members report that their quality of life has improved — that this community has helped them to have more meaningful and purposeful lives.

And because we manage our expenses very carefully (Charity Navigator has given us their highest rating), just $600 underwrites our care for a cancer survivor or caregiver for a full year. That number is a bit higher than it was a few years ago, because our members are asking for more support and we are serving them more deeply than ever.

We are now blessed to serve 2,000 cancer patients, survivors and caregivers each year. As you know, all of our services are always provided free of charge to these families in their time of need. So we are constantly fundraising to underwrite our annual budget of $1.2 million. And since the majority of donations are made in the last few weeks of the year, this is when we ask you and our other supporters for your annual gift.

Now I also ask you to make the most generous gift you can to CSC.

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If you’ve already made a year-end gift, thank you! If you haven’t made your donation yet, please consider joining Chris George and increasing it from last year.

Remember that Chris will match your gift, dollar for dollar. And he will match all donors’ gifts up to $70,000. This includes your donations made to CSC in December, and also any additional donations you make in January.

Please know that every gift you make is treasured and will make a difference for someone in the most challenging time of their life. Thank you so much!

In gratitude,

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James Bouquin

P.S. It is something very special when you give freely of yourself to help someone else in their time of need. I believe that it is a kind of sacred act, and especially so when you are giving to help someone you may not know personally. We are all so grateful to you.